Mediation prenups

Mediation Prenup Advantages

Work Together

In Mediation, you and your spouse will meet with one neutral attorney who will help you discuss and resolve the issues you need to settle to create your prenup. If you feel comfortable discussing your own needs and concerns in an informal setting, with full voluntary disclosure of information, and can work in good faith with your fiancé, Mediation is an excellent process for reaching a comprehensive prenuptial agreement.

Achieve Your Goals

The mediator guides clients through a complete examination of the issues necessary to reach agreement. With a deep understanding of what is important to each party, and full financial information, clients discuss options to meet their goals and reach a fair, workable prenuptial agreement.

Save Money By Working With One Professional

In Mediation, the majority of the work is done with one professional who, as a neutral, helps to balance your perspectives and find common ground. By working together to make decisions with one professional, Mediation can save you money and time.

The Role of the Consulting Attorney in Mediation

While attorneys do not typically attend Mediation sessions, many clients find it valuable to work with an attorney, on an “as-needed” basis, to provide legal guidance. At a minimum, at the end of the process, we strongly recommend that you retain independent counsel to review the draft prenup on your behalf. Working with consulting attorneys in Mediation ensures the fairness of the process and the durability of the agreement.

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