Marriage Preparation

Prenuptial Agreements: Couples Preparing for Marriage

Prenuptial agreements can make a great deal of sense for couples considering marriage. For many couples, it is relief to have a clear understanding of how their marriage will work financially. What a prenup provides is clarity and predictability around a couple’s future finances, estate issues, and how they will handle property division, cash flow, and other legal issues in the event of divorce or death.

In the prenup process, couples can discuss and decide how they will pay bills, deal with debt, save for the future, and buy property. The prenup process is an opportunity for couples to talk about their future married life and the lifestyle choices they will make together. By having open, honest, and informed discussions, couples can reach a deeper understanding of each other and their future together, and minimize the possibility of a protracted, expensive divorce.

A Prenuptial Agreement will help you:

  • Enter into your marriage with open discussions and advance planning for your future together
  • Avoid beginning your marriage with two opposing adversarial attorneys negotiating the details of your future life together
  • Create agreement on how funds during the marrige will be handled
  • Clarify your financial expectations in the event of divorce or death
  • Create predictable divorce outcomes
  • We offer two process choices to help you come to an agreement: Mediation and Collaborative Law. In both processes, your attorney will guide you toward an amicable prenuptial agreement.

“Thank you for making the prenup process much easier than we thought. We were both so nervous! It made so much sense to work together on the prenup issues— I mean, isn’t that what a marriage is supposed to be about? Stuff came up for us that we hadn’t even thought about—like how we’re going to handle our money in our marriage-- our bills, old accounts, new accounts, etc. We feel stronger for having discussed the issues directly with your calm and capable help. Now we’re just glad to put it behind us and can’t wait for the big day!”
F. G.