Collaborative Prenup Advantages

Achieve Comprehensive Agreement

The Collaborative Process offers couples a comprehensive legal, emotional and financial process designed to support clients in every aspect of negotiating their prenuptial agreement.

Focus on What Matters

In the Collaborative Process, your attorney will guide you from the beginning to the end in crafting a Prenuptial Agreement. We will work together with your fiancé and his or her attorney to clarify and focus on what is most important to you and find ways of achieving your goals.

Targeted Support

In the Collaborative Process, we can work with supporting professionals to help you achieve your goals. In addition to attorneys, you may benefit from the support of neutral experts, such as a financial neutral, appraiser or neutral mental health professional.


You, your fiancée, your individual attorneys, and any necessary supporting professionals, will work in two-hour meetings to discuss the terms of your prenuptial agreement. Then the attorneys will work together to draft a legally binding prenup, which accurately reflects the decisions your have made together.

Thank you very much for the extra effort from the beginning. It was actually a process I enjoyed and I think [my fiancée] did too. The process had a lot of value for us because it helped us understand the issues much better and we had the opportunity to work on ways to act as a team. I liked that we could find ways to make the financial imbalance more comfortable for us.”
J. R.